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Picture this - You’re in the market for a new vehicle or equipment for your business.  You apply directly with your bank, they make you jump through hoops, then decline you.  On to the next lender, same situation – a whole lot of stress and multiple hits to your credit file.  Save yourself the hassle, use a broker!


Using a finance broker has its advantages and gives you an edge over those who go directly to their bank or obtain finance through their supplier or dealership.


At BNE Capital, we have access to a range of financiers, including banks and non-bank lenders. Our experienced brokers will evaluate your business setup, and then tailor a deal to your specific wants and needs.

Key Benefits of using BNE Capital as your Broker


Save Time


As a business owner, you don't have time to compare multiple types of loans and lenders on the market. We collect information about your business and speak with appropriate lenders on your behalf using our expertise and years of experience.  


When armed with all the pertinent information, we can provide you with a pre-approval within 24 hours. This saves you a lot of time and stress.  When you have a pre-approval in place, you can then focus on sourcing your new vehicle / equipment knowing you have an approval in place. This also helps when negotiating the purchase price of your asset.




We speak the banks' language and know what fits their policy. It's a minefield out there. Low Doc, Full Doc, ABN/GST Registration, Time in Business, and so on. What does each lender require? Let us handle that for you. We already know!


Furthermore, it is a lengthy and time-consuming method to contact lenders directly, regardless of how easy it might appear to be. You may have to restart the entire thing twice if a lender turns your application down, leading to numerous soft and hard credit checks that leave their fingerprints on your credit report.


Save Money


The goal is to get the best deal possible.  The lowest interest rate doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest repayments.  You'll be presented with a range of options and explained all fees and charges, residual or balloon repayments, interest rates, etc. by your broker.


Personal Individualised Service


Your broker is dedicated to you and your business.   At BNE Capital we put an emphasis on delivering a hassle-free personalised service.  


IMPORTANT: At BNE Capital we work for you and not the lender!  A broker, as opposed to a car dealership or a bank, works solely for their client.  Our aim is to help your business grow. 

Throughout the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses, Australia wide.  Other services we provide include small business loans, lines of credit, debt recovery, vehicle sourcing, novated leasing and consumer lending.


Are you ready to take advantage of these benefits?  Get in touch today!


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